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Sobre nosotros

Shoma is an award winning real estate development company in Miami. First established in 1988, we’ve built a reputation as one of South Florida’s most trusted developers. Founded on the simple principle that properties should enrich the lives and communities of the people within them, we’ve mastered the art and craft of homebuilding. From purchase and planning through to design and construction, you’ll find Shoma at the forefront of high-quality service and development.

Since 2000 we’ve been applying our exact same vision to the commercial property sector. Nowadays we’re as proud of our retail developments, hotels and offices as we are of our homes. And best of all, so are the people who live and work in them.


Over almost 30 years Shoma’s management have built an organization based on trust, openness and integrity. It isn’t just how we do business. It is our business.

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Shoma Group
3470 NW 82nd Ave #988, Doral, FL 33122, USA
Phone: (786) 437-8658
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